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With over two million license holders in the nation, SAFECO, REALTORS® Training Program is preparing you to set yourself a part as knowledgeable, market savvy and professional. Join and take advantage of our GRI Certification Tuition Reimbursement Program. Join us and see your business grow with SAFECO, REALTORS®

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We believe our people are the greatest investment. Therefore, our compensation program’s purpose is to attract, retain and reward people responsible for the company’s growth and success. The right compensation ensure that hard-working agents are rewarded fairly

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Do you still have questions? Contact one of our experts and you'll gain insight and knowledge from real estate professionals who are successful in particular areas. Set up a free thirty-minute appointment with a licensed broker to discuss your sponsorship questions and explore the possibilities!

Tuition Reimbursement Program
Tuition Reimbursement Program

Earn a GRI designation and we will reimburse your tuition. The Graduate, REALTOR® Institute (GRI) symbol is the mark of a real estate professional who has made the commitment to provide a high level of professional services. SAFECO will partner with you on this endeavor.

Free Training
Free Training

With over two million license holders in the nation, SAFECO, REALTORS® University (SRU) is preparing you to set yourself a part as knowledgeable, market savvy and professional. Join us and see your business grow.​

Agent Benefits
Agent Benefits

Our agent plans are simple and straightforward without any hidden transaction fees, desk fees, software fees or any other fees or fine print


The best teachers aren't just teachers. They're also coaches. When you join us, you will be mentored by your broker not your peers. While most brokers delegate the coaching responsibility to their other agents,  we don't!

$495 per Sale

$80 per Lease
$0 per Month
$0 Sign-up
$520 Annual Fee

Pay your annual fee in 4 easy payments with no additional fees, interest or penalties. See Application Form for more details.

100% Commission
Your Commission
Most Split Commission Brokers 70%
Some Split Commission Brokers 80%
Most Flat-Fee Commission Brokers with Hidden Fees 90%
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SAFECO, REALTORS® Cloud Technology
SAFECO, REALTORS® Cloud Technology
We know real estate is a relationship-driven sector, therefore, the emphasis are on marketing, sales, client service, and collaboration. So, when you think about it, real estate is a mobile business. After all, the majority of real estate business activities occur outside of a traditional office space. SAFECO, REALTORS® utilizes the state-of-the-art Customer Relationship Management Tools. We use cloud-based technology for all of our activities from contract writing to training.
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Our story

We believe our agents’ time shouldn’t be wasted on administrative and manual tasks which can be automated or streamlined using today’s technology.

We have completely eliminated the antiquated tools offered by traditional brokerages and replaced them with the latest software available.

When you join us you have no Desk Fee no Office Fee. This means you can provide your clients with services anytime and anywhere. You are the versatile and mobile agent that the customers are looking for. Ask them to meet you at the office and you’ll never hear back from the customer. 

To that end,  we offer our agents a completely mobile solution so they’ll never have to step into an office. Our agents are equipped with the latest CRM, listings search and syndication software as well as private corporate email, cloud storage, a secondary business phone line and e-signature technology all of which can be accessed around the clock on his or her mobile device or tablet.

We offer our agents comprehensive in-house broker, operational and technical support. Your questions are never more than just a phone call or email away from being answered. You will have access to your broker 7 days/week through Agent Portal Broker-Hotline

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